The Lifesaving Advice 2.7 Million People Hear Every Day… But Are We Really Listening?

by: Robin Dufour

You know those days when you are too tired to focus, too busy to feel in control, too {insert something frustrating} to enjoy {insert something great}?

What if the thing that turned that around was to be a little selfish?

That sounds crazy, but stick with me. This advice, to be selfish in order to get your personal energy out of the hole — in order to then become more open and generous — is given 44,000 times a day, to 2.7 million people, across 29 million square miles of space.


Every flight you’ve ever taken starts with a survival lesson about being selfish before you can be of use to anyone else.

Put your mask on first.

There are 44,000 flights every day, carrying 2.7 million people, across 29 million square miles around the globe — all hearing this message: In event of emergency, make sure you are breathing before trying to help anyone else.

Back on the ground, we encounter countless big and little emergencies all day. The question is, are you securing your own mask before attempting to help others?

Setting ourselves up to have the energy, and frankly the desire to be generous with our family, friends, co-workers, strangers, etc. means taking care of ourselves first. Even when we have company, when there is a deadline, when someone is sick, when we are traveling…

I’d say, those are the times when being consistent with the things we know give us energy is MOST important. It’s a feedback loop.

I can have a bigger impact if I build four areas into my day. Mindset, movement, nutrition, and recovery. I don’t see it as making time for these things, I just do my best to build them into my day.

Mindset: Personally, I love starting my day with the Headspace App. 10 minutes, at 5:00AM and I’m clear, creative and smiling before getting out of bed.

Movement: I’ve spent 25 years as a Physical Therapist working with amazing clients, learning, asking questions, evolving businesses, and teaching (with the Gray Institute).

This Two Minute Routine, adapted from my work with the GI, is hands down the most valuable and efficient series of movements I’ve ever seen put together.

I do this first thing in the morning and several times a day. If we want to move freely and enjoy the things we love for a long, long time… we have to invest in it.

Nutrition: I am NOT a nutritionist. There are many nuances better left to the experts. Personally, I like to keep things simple so that I don’t get overwhelmed. Eat more real food and less stuff that comes in packages. The fuel we put into our cars matters… so does the fuel we put in our bodies. Starting the day with protein and fruit works for me, then I’m more likely to continue with better choices as the day goes on.

Recovery: 7 to 8 hours on weekdays and 8 to 10 hours on weekends keeps me in balance. Vacations and little bits of time spent with my family remind me what I’m doing all this work for. Reading first thing in the morning allows me to ‘recover’ before the day even unfolds. Going on walks with my lady, who is my sounding board, my love, and often my much needed voice of reason.

If you often find yourself feeling too busy and are ready to change that, I invite you to join the conversation. Send me a message or go to Facebook and search for the Private Group BeFIT NOW.

The ‘FIT NOW’ are those who reject what it used to mean to get old and stop measuring themselves by what they used to do easily in their 20s.

The FIT NOW create their own future by moving, doing, thinking, and believing differently in the present. This is the art and science of BeFIT NOW.

Relying on doctors, medicine, and healthcare to keep moving isn’t the fantasy. The fantasy is the lifestyle of complete freedom that being FIT grants.

The question is then, how can one achieve the complete freedom of an active lifestyle without planning it and doing it NOW?

Let’s do this together. Let’s BeFIT NOW because later doesn’t get us where we want to be. Join our Private Facebook Group.