Getting Rid of Pain and Creating Your Own Luck

by: Robin Dufour

The other day I was talking with a new client. It was our 3rd visit. Great guy. Super smart. Been in pain for about a year.

Meniscal surgery back in the Spring didn’t fix his knee pain. This is not surprising to me, as multiple studies have shown no difference in outcomes between people who get their meniscus repaired and people who have a ‘sham’ or fake surgery.

No difference in outcomes.

Take a look at this much replicated study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Anyhow, back to creating your own luck. My new friend let me know that the moves we recorded for him to practice felt quite good (we use an app to record the moves and ideas we’ve come up with in each session to make it easy to remember). But after standing for 5 hours at work, his knee still hurt.

How often are you doing those moves that feel really good?

“I do about 10 of them in the morning.”

If you compare the amount of time you are doing things that contribute to the pain (standing at work, hauling brush in the garden, etc), multiplied by the year you’ve been experiencing this pain, to the amount of time you are doing those moves that make you feel good, what would the ratio be?

Remember, he’s super smart — an economics guy — so that’s all I really needed to say. If anyone is good with math, feel free to figure out the ratio for 5 minutes out of 24 hours multiplied by a year.

I’m a simple girl. I got my daughter’s 6th grade math wrong yesterday. What I do know is, we have to create situations for ourselves that will allow us to find luck 🍀

If you are at the point in life when one day your back is hurting and the next week it moves over to your shoulder, or the morning aches and pains are making you wonder what it’s going to be like in 5 or 10 years, I invite you to join the conversation. Send me a message or go to Facebook and search for the Private Group BeFIT NOW.

The ‘FIT NOW’ are those who reject what it used to mean to get old and stop measuring themselves by what they used to do easily in their 20s.

The FIT NOW create their own future by moving, doing, thinking, and believing differently in the present. This is the art and science of BeFIT NOW.

Relying on doctors, medicine, and healthcare to keep moving isn’t the fantasy. The fantasy is the lifestyle of complete freedom that being FIT grants.

The question is then, how can one achieve the complete freedom of an active lifestyle without planning it and doing it NOW?

Let’s do this together. Let’s BeFIT NOW because later doesn’t get us where we want to be.