Berkshire Fitness

  • WHO

    We are a team of Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Specialists dedicated to you. Your goals. Your passions. Your success.


  • WHAT

    We specialize in health and wellness for your active lifestyle with an emphasis on Muscular-Skeletal Disorders (MSDs), providing screening, prevention, primary care, physical therapy and training services.


  • WHY

    Our Mission guides every interaction. We Believe anything is possible. Together we will Be Moved to new heights. We will Become Better at what we do.



  • “Stretching with the aerial silks with Robin is rejuvenating and you don’t have to hang upside down…although, that is easier and more fun than you may think.”

  • Julia (Williamstown)

    “My knee feels so much better now that you’ve explained that my hip was causing it to go out of alignment.

  • Pat G (Williamstown)

    “I’ve been to the best spas and rehab centers in the country. Robin has helped me more than anyone else.”

  • Suzy K (Williamstown)

    “This has been a life changing experience. I’ve been to other physical therapists and doctors for my knee pain.

We are beyond excited to bring a storefront health and wellness practice to the Berkshire's. Just one look in the windows will tell you that we pride ourselves in being a little different. Our passion is helping people like you to live the life you want, in comfort and confidence... to do more of what you live for!

Yes, we get excited about fitness, but we are much more than that. Our style is relaxed and personal. Our services are highly specialize and skillful.

Call, email or stop by today for a chat about what you'd like for your active lifestyle.


Believe anything is possible. Be moved to new heights. Become better at what you do.


16 Water St
Williamstown, MA