02 Mar

What To Do With an Idea

How do you react when you know you have a great idea and then something gets in the way?  You tried, you think you failed, you conclude that it’s just not possible.  In reality, our limitations are most often self imposed.

This morning I got out of the shower and had that light bulb go off in my head.  Something I’d been pondering suddenly made perfect sense.  I was busy in my mind working out the details.  Enter my 9 year old daughter who gave me the perfect opportunity to put into action exactly what I was thinking about.

What came out of my mouth was the exact opposite of my brilliant idea.  I realized it as she walked out of my bedroom door.  Did I fail in execution?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Without a doubt.  Am I going to give up on that idea.  No. Absolutely not.  Without a doubt.

We have choices to make every moment of every day.  I choose to forgive myself these little failures.  Our tendency is often to talk down to ourselves.  To dwell on what we did wrong, rather than make a quick adjustment and keep moving.

I’ll do it better next time.  I believe in the idea.  I just need to practice, make little corrections along the way and always keep moving.