18 Aug

Anatomy in Motion

“My hamstrings have always been tight.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this since I graduated from PT school in 1995, I would be writing while sipping a mojito on my private island.

Some people tell me that they stretch them every day to no avail.  Some have given up.  Some just laugh at the very suggestion of stretching.  No matter….I am undaunted because I know a secret.

Ok, it’s not really a secret but I got your attention right?  The ‘secret’ is anatomy in motion.  That is my passion, I practice it, I teach it, I experiment with it.  Every day.

If you look at a picture of how our muscles run through the body you will see that they layer and wrap and twist and turn.  When we are trying to get some stretch (or length) in a muscle or group of muscles we have to twist and turn right along with them.

Give this a try and feel the difference for yourself https://youtu.be/ICfDblktzK0