We believe the right environment can make all the difference.
That’s why we chose a
beautiful open space
with high ceilings, big windows, hardwood floors and exposed brick.
That’s why we created a
comfortable place
to hang out before or after
your workout.
That’s why we offer you coffee, tea and sparkling water. That’s why we are collaborating with local artists to show their work.

Berkshire Fitness Company believes in personalized service. That’s why we offer personal training memberships with coaches who pay attention to detail and know how to look at your movement from every angle. Our coaches are highly trained physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches and certified trainers. Your one-on-one sessions can include manual therapy and hands on body work to correct your movement patterns and address pain issues.

Our group classes and circuits are fun and engaging. We utilize equipment that allows for the most freedom of movement and efficiency you will find. That’s why we use Aerial silks for a twist on traditional yoga practice, balance work and strength and flexibility. We are not big on machines that keep you in one place. That’s why you can choose from a variety of classes and private training with Aerial Silks, VipR, TRX, Fitwall, 3ACT Slide and more.

We believe the right people can make all the difference. That’s why we consult with the best movement practitioners from around the world through our affiliation with the Gray Institute and their prestigious GIFT Community. That’s why we plan to bring those specialist to Williamstown for seminars, fun and educational opportunities. Most importantly, that’s why we want YOU to come in and make this a better place to be.

Why are we here? We are here for you. We are here to give you a space to Become Better at what you do.