“The Thinker”
People who know me well always ask,
“Does your mind ever stop?”
I guess the honest answer is, “No”.
Thinking about how the “human machine” works and how I can help people make it work more effectively has been my lifetime passion.
Physical therapy has always provided an amazing outlet for those thoughts and I still love the process of helping people achieve their goals.

I truly believe thinking about new ideas and endeavors is only half the process. My real satisfaction comes from putting them into action. I just love the creative process of taking an idea and seeing it evolve into a finished state. Albert Einstein said “creativity is intelligence having fun”. I’m not sure how intelligent I am but I know I like to have fun with fitness, skiing, soccer, biking, and rewarding myself with some craft beer and good food. Being active has always been my measuring stick for fun with friends and family.

Collaborating with like-minded people like Robin and Christy is the ultimate opportunity to take our ideas and create a hub for activity, fun, fitness, and a community spirit that will forever be the foundation of BeFitCo. Let us help you turn your thoughts into action and your dreams into reality.
Don’t just carpe diem...carpe activus!