Christy brings incredible knowledge, experience and passion to the BeFitCo Team. As a former athletic trainer, Christy enjoyed the challenge involved with designing individualized rehabilitation programs;
provided the discipline needed for athlete recovery; and was instrumental in properly preparing elite athletes to return to their sport after injury or surgery. Her caring nature, combined with infectious toughness was instrumental in her athletes’ success in getting back on the field, and more importantly, staying injury free.

Now, as a BeFitCo consultant, Christy uses that same intensity and energy to help clients become more fit, recover from surgery, increase strength and flexibility, or simply feel more confident. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; therefore BeFitCo customizes programs based on individual evaluations and discussions about your goals. With this information, our clients will then enjoy one-on-one training sessions, small group classes and on their own to achieve their goals - all in an environment focused on safe and smart programs, local health and wellness, fun activities, and with like-minded people. BeFitCo will let you be your best while learning from others, sharing ideas, and simply feeling welcome.